Our Mission

The Girlology Foundation is changing the culture of sexuality education by leading health-focused and timely conversations about sexual development and health.

Our History

Girlology began in 2003 in the suburbs of Charleston, SC as a grassroots outreach of Dr. Melisa Holmes, an OB-GYN and mom of three, and Dr. Trish Hutchison, a pediatrician and mom of two.

Our founders recognized that there was a severe lack of age-appropriate, medically accurate, engaging and cringe-free messages about growing up safe, healthy, and informed, especially when it comes to puberty and sexuality.

Kids needed a lot of information, parents needed help starting conversations, and our founders—well, they’re really chatty and absurdly comfortable talking about all of this stuff. Unfortunately, there wasn’t time to talk about all the things in a regular office visit, so they started talking with groups of moms and daughters outside of the office. Over the years, Girlology continued to grow.

Reaching Those Who Need It Most

Bringing Comprehensive Sex Education to Underserved Populations

Through 2017, Girlology served an enthusiastic, but primarily suburban population. However, our founders realized that like with many other social issues, youth of color face additional barriers.

Low income and minority girls experience a disproportionate rate of negative sexual and reproductive health (SRH) outcomes including pregnancy, STI, and sexual violence. Not surprisingly, a recent study revealed that low income girls, specifically those who are Black or Latina, are particularly unprepared for puberty and have largely negative experiences with this transition.

Our current understanding of girls’ concerns about puberty comes from studies of predominantly middle and upper class White girls, but our efforts to impact SRH outcomes must also focus on those at highest risk by developing programs built around an understanding of their unique experiences, concerns, and ongoing needs.

Expanding Our Programming

Understanding the growing need for quality sexuality education in underserved communities, our founders wanted to reach a more diverse population. The Girlology Foundation was born out of this growing need. The Girlology Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that allows us to offer low or no-cost programs in under-resourced areas through fundraising, grant support, and cost sharing.

what we believe


have a primary role in sexuality education.


should come from one’s family and community of support.

Our programs

are medically accurate and developmentally appropriate based on available evidence.

Our Leaders

must have clinical experience in youth-focused healthcare or education.

Youth and parents

should be respected and heard.

All youth

should feel included in discussions about puberty and sexuality.
With these beliefs at the helm of our organization, we’re proud to have served more than 30,000 girls and their parents in the last 5 years.