meet the girlologists

Our Girlologists are a group of energetic, engaging physicians and nurse practitioners who share a passion for girls’ health. These dedicated healthcare providers lead Girlology programs across the country where they discuss puberty, media literacy, emerging sexuality and healthy relationships with girls and their parents. Get to know them!

Hillary Boswell, MD

Rachel Casey, MD

Amy Cooper, MD

Sameena Evers, MD

Karyn Fowler, MD

Melisa Holmes, MD

Kendall Huguley, FNP

Trish Hutchison, MD, FAAP

Laura Ledlie, MD

Lea Mahoney, MD

Erin Stone, MD

Neha Suri, MD

Cary Perry, MD

Alynn Alexander, MD

Lia Erickson, MD

Erin Grey, DO

Shereen Ansay, DO

Alta DeRoo, MD

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