Every girl deserves protection and support

Thanks for padding our programs with your contributions!

With your time, talent, or tax-deductible donation, we can take our programs to communities in need and ensure anyone can have the Girlology experience, regardless of their ability to pay.

Here’s how you can help:

Light Days

It doesn’t take a lot to provide support and protection. Some days we only need a little.

Provides a Girlology book to a family
Sends one parent-child pair to a program
Allows one youth leader or mentor to take 3 young people to a program
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Regular Support

Help us run our regular cycles of programming.

Provides bras and personal hygiene products for a program for underserved girls
Provides puberty education books for 30 children
Provides a new Girlologist with training and supplies to get started
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Super Coverage

Allows us to reach large groups and spread our wings as we expand into new areas.

Sends an entire class, troop or team to a Girlology program
Brings Girlology to YOU for a personalized, VIP, private program for up to 25 pairs of girls/parents AND helps Girlology reach up to 75 families who couldn’t otherwise have the Girlology experience.
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Super Plus with Wings

You’re an angel in our eyes!

Establishes Girlology programs in a new city
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any amount

Give what you want. 🙂

If you have a specific amount in mind, you can do that here. You can enter the amount on the next screen.