everyone deserves access to quality sexuality education

Regardless of their race, home situation, or ability to pay

Unfortunately, many youth don’t have the type of home life or resources necessary to learn about their growing bodies and minds. These children must rely on the education system for sexuality education of any kind. In these cases, lessons often don’t begin until middle school, are often taught by an unwilling teacher, and are riddled with controversy.

These unfavorable circumstances have led to inconsistent, and even harmful, messages for children during an already intimidating phase of their lives. One thing is clear: traditional sex ed isn’t cutting it.

We’re on a mission to expand access to quality sexuality education to children in all walks of life, and you can help!

The more children who have access to the resources they need, the better. But we can’t grow our mission and expand our programming without your help! There are lots of ways you can get involved with the Girlology Foundation.

For Individuals


Are you well-connected in your community? Do you have a knack for social media? Think you are good at spreading the word with other moms? Join our Street Team! Donate your time, energy, and influence to help spread the word about Girlology programs.

What’s in it for you? All the FEELS that come with connecting families with Girlology, empowering girls to feel more confident, and knowing you’re part of our growth!

To volunteer, fill out the survey below. We’ll put you in our database and send you our street team tips. When we have a program scheduled for your area, we’ll send you a digital kit of Facebook posts, Instagram images, digital flyers, articles for newsletters, or other things that you can use to spread the word. For some programs, we’ll let you choose or help find deserving scholarship recipients who can attend the program for FREE.

Volunteer Survey


Your tax-deductible donation can change a child’s life. Just $15 can provide a Girlology book to a family in need, and just $40 can send an adult-child pair to a Girlology program. With your help, these families can gain the skills needed to cope with the changes that come with puberty and emerging sexuality.

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Tell Your Friends

We’ve always relied on word-of-mouth to let people know about our programs, books, and online resources. We would LOVE for you to tell your friends about us or share our social media posts.

For Healthcare Providers

Become a Girlologist

Girlology is always looking to expand our mission into new communities so that as many people as possible can benefit from comprehensive sexuality education. But we can’t grow our programming without our fantastic Girlologists!

We’re looking for energetic, engaging physicians and CNPs with a passion for girls’ health and a good sense of humor (doesn’t that always help?) to teach Girlology classes across the country. The formal criteria includes excellent communication and leadership skills, an engaging and approachable personality, healthy personal behaviors, and an interest in promoting Girlology within the local community to parents, healthcare professionals, and the media.

From puberty, to media literacy to emerging sexuality and healthy relationships, parents and professionals look to Girlologists for insight and advice on the best practices and practical solutions for helping girls stay healthy and confident.

As a Girlologist, you will be featured on the Girlology website, participate in our online community through discussion forums, and take the Girlology message to your own practice or community by offering our turn-key workshops, seminars, and parenting programs in your community.

Think you have what it takes? We can’t wait to hear from you! Send us an email with your name, contact information, and resume to request more information.

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For Healthcare Systems & Practices

Become a Sponsor

The Girlology Foundation’s sponsors play a vital role in our organization’s success. Our sponsors “host” programs in their communities by providing venues for our classes. There is no financial commitment to be a sponsor. Instead, sponsors are responsible for:

  • Venue: Provide a venue for a Girlology program with the ability to seat a minimum of 40 people, theatre style with AV capabilities.
  • Networking: share upcoming programs with patient/client, provider, employee, and community networks
  • Snacks: provide simple individual snacks and water for program attendees
  • Booths: option to set up informational booths or displays to educate attendees about your providers, services, or community partners.

Girlology is proud to support all of our sponsors through:

  • Marketing: provide co-branded digital marketing materials, as well as media talking points, press release, and social media exposure with you as the featured sponsor
  • Scholarships: 1 free enrollment for every 15 registered pairs
  • Girlologist Support: One of our certified Girlologists will lead the program
  • Attendee Data: demographic data plus pre & post program survey data available to you
  • Grant Support: Girlology can provide content to support grant applications to fund programs for financially disadvantaged groups
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Become a Partner

Unlike sponsors, the Girlology Foundation’s community partners provide financial support to our organization, which helps us expand our programming to new cities or increase programming in current cities.

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