Paving the way for children

to Grow Up to be Healthy Adults

The vast majority of children, especially those in traditionally underserved communities, don’t have adequate access to comprehensive sexuality education. We want to change that.

Did You Know…

Sex education is Incomplete

Only 24 states require sex education, and of those, only 13 require that it’s medically accurate. Only 12 require a discussion of sexual orientation (but 3 of those require that non-heterosexual relationships are presented in a negative way).

Puberty is starting earlier

In the U.S., puberty is starting earlier for girls and boys than in past decades. Among Black girls, 25% will have breast development by age 8.

Children are at risk

Girls who go through puberty early are at increased risk for depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, poor academic performance, early sexual activity, and health issues including diabetes, heart disease, and breast cancer.

Supportive environments are crucial

Supportive home environments, education, and mentoring can significantly reduce the risks caused by early puberty.

Communication is key

The initiation of puberty is a critical stage for promoting body confidence and introducing concepts that will influence sexual and reproductive health. Communicating about these tough topics has been proven to set the stage for a lifetime of open dialogue, stronger relationships, and healthier choices.

Our Impact

Raising the Bar For Sexuality Education Across the Country

The educational system was never supposed to be the primary sexuality educator for children. As a result, it hasn’t consistently prepared youth for healthy sexual development. We’re putting the emphasis back on conversations between children and the trusted adults in their lives.

Over the last five years, we’ve used our programs, books, and web community to help parents, guardians, and mentors start conversations that matter with their kids. We’re proud to have delivered comprehensive sexuality education programs to more than 30,000 girls and parents in 20 states.

Expanding Access

girls and their parents have participated in our programs in the last 5 years—and that number continues to grow.

Fostering Conversations

of parents report being more comfortable talking about puberty and reproduction with their children.

Equipping Girls

of parents say their daughter has been more comfortable asking questions since participating.

Supporting Parents

of parents indicate a positive experience with the Girlology program they attended.

See What Participants are Saying

I believe the program provided a strong foundation for my daughter to have factual information about her biology presented in a sensitive, caring, and fun manner. We have come back to the topics of the presentation several times, so it is providing a framework for ongoing discussion in our household. Lastly, she has read the book several times, highlighting sections on healthy friendships. Really well done.

Lasting Impact

...I thought your class about demystifying puberty was wonderful, and my daughter is now much less scared and apprehensive about the impending changes her body will experience in the next few years. Since no one ever taught a ‘sex’ class in school, I think I actually learned a few things I did not know before, which is embarrassing to admit!

Not Just For The Kids

As the mother of two girls who are quickly approaching adolescence and puberty, the service you are providing is one that helps me sleep better at night! As a parent, it doesn't matter how hard you try or how good your intentions are, you can't do it alone. Your program provides accurate, informed, easy to understand information to girls at a time in their lives when it's important to hear it from someone other than a parent. After attending your program, my daughter started asking questions for the first time. Knowing that she feels she is able to talk to me about this subject has given me incredible peace of mind!

Peace of Mind

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