Need help talking about tough topics?

Goodbye awkward silence, hello conversation!

Girlology is the voice that parents trust to deliver age-appropriate, medically accurate, engaging, and cringe-free messages about puberty and emerging sexuality.

Our programs enable parents, guardians, mentors, and children to have honest, real-world conversations with healthcare providers who are passionate about adolescent health. Our goal is to reduce negative sexual and reproductive health outcomes that particularly burden teens and young adults.

It’s time to stop skirting around the subject.
Girlology is helping normalize healthy sexual development.

We’re on a mission to change the way people think about sex education. As adults, we all play a role in making sure our children grow up healthier. Participating in a Girlology program can help you improve in your role as a sexuality educator so that your children can do just that.

Our Programs

Something New About YOU

When girls learn about puberty before it happens, they face it with greater confidence and even excitement.

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just the FACTS

Boys need knowledge about puberty, hygiene, and girls. They need to hear it in a setting that is active, entertaining, and cringe-free.

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Arming boys and girls with an accurate, yet age-appropriate understanding that will set the stage for future conversations.

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See What Participants are Saying

I believe the program provided a strong foundation for my daughter to have factual information about her biology presented in a sensitive, caring, and fun manner. We have come back to the topics of the presentation several times, so it is providing a framework for ongoing discussion in our household. Lastly, she has read the book several times, highlighting sections on healthy friendships. Really well done.

Lasting Impact

...I thought your class about demystifying puberty was wonderful, and my daughter is now much less scared and apprehensive about the impending changes her body will experience in the next few years. Since no one ever taught a ‘sex’ class in school, I think I actually learned a few things I did not know before, which is embarrassing to admit!

Not Just For The Kids

As the mother of two girls who are quickly approaching adolescence and puberty, the service you are providing is one that helps me sleep better at night! As a parent, it doesn't matter how hard you try or how good your intentions are, you can't do it alone. Your program provides accurate, informed, easy to understand information to girls at a time in their lives when it's important to hear it from someone other than a parent. After attending your program, my daughter started asking questions for the first time. Knowing that she feels she is able to talk to me about this subject has given me incredible peace of mind!

Peace of Mind

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