Just the Facts

Boys Puberty Program | Ages 8–11 (+Adult)

Equip Boys With The Knowledge to Navigate Puberty

There’s a lot of chatter on the playground, and some of it is too awkward to ask about at home. Boys need accurate information about puberty, hygiene, and girls. And they need to hear it in a setting that is active, entertaining, and cringe-free.

What’s it About?

Growth & Development

We will begin our program discussing the progression of puberty with specific attention to anatomy changes, hair growth, height increases, muscles, and acne.

Hygiene & Hair Management

Hygiene becomes a big deal in puberty, so we’ll address body odor, oily skin, management of acne, and hair management.

Health & Nutrition

During puberty, nutrition, exercise, sleep and hydration are especially important. We’ll review medically backed recommendations for general health.


Knowing the proper names of “private” parts (female & male) is important. We’ll cover that with some great visual aids and we’ll increase everyone’s comfort with the terminology.


We’ll address protecting those private parts and increase everyone’s comfort with the “equipment.”

Girls’ Puberty

Boys need some understanding of periods so they can respect their female classmates and friends. We’ll introduce the basics of periods and period products to help make supportive guys!

Moods & Emotions

Brain changes happen at the same time as body changes, so we’ll provide some understanding and offer some tips on handling emotions.

Curiosity & Internet Safety

When kids are curious, their go-to is Google, but we’ll discuss why that’s a bad idea for guys who want to be smart about their changing bodies. Instead, we’ll encourage safer outlets for curious minds.