Boys and Girls Reproduction Programs | Ages 10–12 (+Adult)

Arm Kids With Accurate, Age-Appropriate Information About Sex

By this age, most children have heard something about sex—whether right or wrong. Arm them with an accurate understanding that will protect them from the myths and set the stage for future conversations that are vital to healthy development. Co-ed programs encourage boys and girls to respect each other, relate to each other, and communicate more comfortably. It’s a great time to start building those skills while providing medically accurate information. 

What’s it About?

Review of Boys & Girls Puberty

Girls are curious about boys’ puberty and vice versa. We’ll put it all out there so everyone is on the same page understanding the body changes that happen on both sides as well as ovulation and periods, sperm and ejaculation.

Eggs, Sperm, & Conception

Kids are fascinated by the two little cells we all came from. Starting here sets the stage with science and intrigue.

Fetal Development

Using illustrations of human and animal development, we’ll explore how we grow from conception to embryo to fetus to baby.


Although we don’t show an actual birth (too much?), we do have some images of the first moments of life. Everyone will understand the basics of labor and how babies are born - both vaginally and by cesarean section.

Sex & Reproduction

Once we’ve fascinated them with science, we’ll get to the burning question, “How exactly do the egg and sperm get together?” Many of the kids will already have some ideas about this, but we definitely clear up some misinformation as we define and explain how the male and female reproductive systems work together to create a new life.

Animals vs Humans

Once they know how humans “do it,” they have lots of questions about animals. We’ll explore some animal mating behaviors and discuss how animals and humans vary when it comes to “repopulating” their species.

Why Sex is for Adults

Once they understand the mechanics and physiology of reproduction, we finish the program focusing on the many reasons why sex is most suitable for adults in mature & healthy relationships. We’ll specifically address consent, consequences, healthy relationships, pleasure, respect, and why the Internet is not a good place to learn about sex.

Q&A Time

Young people have so many great questions, and this is a perfect forum for asking them. Each program will end with time for anonymously submitted questions. We receive many simple questions, but we also receive more complex questions about miscarriage, infertility, STIs, birth control, birth defects, and how gay people have sex. Obviously, each program may cover different topics, but these are all age-appropriate topics for youth in middle school.